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Fresh-Frozen Whole Leaf Tea - An Innovative Technology Delivers Completely New Type Of Tea

Fresh-Frozen Whole Leaf Tea

An Entirely New Experience

Freeze Tea marries abundantly flavorful and freshly harvested tea leaves, herbs, and wild forest fruits from Georgia to state-of-the-art shock freezing technologies in a manner that revolutionizes the tea industry.

Simply stated, this process delivers a better tasting, antioxidant-rich alternative to traditionally dried and nutritionally compromised teas.

Unmistakably aromatic, flavorful and satisfying, the initial line of fresh-frozen Freeze Tea features Green, Oolong, and Oolong & Wild Bilberry teas.

Highest Quality

Best quality raw materials, collected in the eco-clean regions of Georgia.

Pure Taste

Unique, fresh Aromas, and Flavours.



Award Winner

Being Exotic, Having Antioxidant and Energy Properties, Innovative "Know-How".

Making A Change

Sourcing locally, employing rural residents, promoting sustainability practices.

New Flavors Of The Georgian Tea

The first thing to notice about Freeze Tea is its aroma. Fresh and flavorful, soothing and sensuous, this tea is unlike any you've had before.

Green Tea

Made with raw Camellia Sinensis leaves, Green Freeze Tea is antioxidant-rich, displaying an aroma and flavor that is slightly floral with a touch of perfume accompanied by green herbaceous notes.

Oolong Tea

Made with partially oxidized Camellia Sinensis leaves, antioxidant-rich Oolong Freeze Tea is deep red in color and delivers distinctive fruity flavors with hints of quince.

Oolong & Wild Bilberry Tea

Oolong & Wild Berry Freeze Tea marries partially oxidized Camellia Sinensis leaves with wild bilberry fruit. This tea is super fruity with obvious notes of berries and delivers distinctive earthly flavors.


It is important to note that freshly picked tea leaves, fruits, and herbs begin losing their flavor and nutritional integrity within hours. Most notably, the healthful qualities derived from tea's powerful mix of antioxidants (catechins), known to reduce inflammation, slow down skin aging, aid weight loss, and help prevent heart and brain disease, begin to diminish as soon as the leaves are picked. Further degradation occurs from the heat associated with drying, effectively compromising the value of traditionally processed tea.

To preserve these essential qualities, Freeze Tea uses state-of-the-art shock-freezing methodologies shortly after harvest to capture and preserve every possible trace of flavor and nutrition from the tea leaves, fruits, and herbs it collects.

Laboratory analysis in October 2020 showed that on average Green Freeze Tea had x2.1 more Catechins (Antioxidants) than the green tea prepared from tea plantation prepared in the traditional way. The laboratory test results of the latest products will arrive in October 2021.

Freeze Tea is currently sold at

• Goodwill Dighomi Branch – 1 Pharnavaz Mepe Ave., Tbilisi

• Goodwill Saburtalo (City Mall) Branch – 1 Petre Kavtaradze St., Tbilisi

— In the frozen products section

How To Prepare

* Always best served without milk.

Raw Material Sourcing

We believe in sustainability principles, the raw materials for Freeze Tea are collected from the local producers and gatherers in environmentally friendly and pollution free zones of Georgia.

We cooperate with the tea producers operating sustainably in Imereti, Guria and Mingrelia for the highest quality flowers.

The wild bilberries are collected in unprocessed, ecologically clean forests of Mountainous Imereti & Adjara.

While not yet fully compliant, it is expected that the entire supply chain will be certified organic by 2023.


Headquartered in Kharagauli, LLC Freeze Tea’s team has been engaged in collection, processing and export of medicinal and culinary herbs, wild berries, and fruits since 2012.

Relying on environmentally pristine growing environments, sustainable collection practices, and increasing numbers of farmers obtaining organic certification, the team has grown its exports to new markets including EU, U.S.A., Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

Now the company is producing a completely new type of tea – fresh-frozen whole leaf tea.

Freeze Tea’s team is oriented on producing high quality traditional rural products and offering them to the global market in new forms.

Corporate Responsibility

Collaborating with the local producers for the raw materials, Freeze Tea’s team aims to help revitalization of the high-quality tea production in Georgia, which has been in stagnation for decades.

The company encourages employment in the regions where the outmigration is high due to the lack of job opportunities.

We aim to increase the accessibility of healthy & natural rural products by using the innovative technologies of production.

For constant support Freeze Tea’s team is thankful to:

Contact Us

For more information about Freeze Tea and new flavor varieties as they are introduced, please contact:

Address 1: 58 King Solomon st. 5600 Kharagauli, Georgia.

Address 2: 17 Vazha Pshavela Ave., 0160 Tbilisi, Georgia.

Tel: + 995 599 848 377.


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